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A message from the Presidents - october 2016

As we celebrate the latest Annual Conference of the Association of State Girls' Schools, it is right that we reflect on the significant contribution that the Association and its members have made to the education of girls in this country.  It is also right that we consider our future and the most effective way of representing our members and ensuring that girls’ education has a prominent position in the rapidly changing educational climate.

Our values

Our name has been changed to reflect the fact that we are no longer all maintained schools but rather state schools.  This led to our reviewing what we stand for and how we publicise those values.  You will see that we have chosen the phrase “leading girls’ learning” to emphasise what we do and have produced new literature to explain how we see ourselves.  We hope to continue the recent practice of having Joint Presidents which has proved highly beneficial. 

Seminar Programme

As well as planning for teacher and student conferences, the seminar programme this year will include Rob Coe, Director of CEM who will talk to us about evidence based teaching and Sophia Malik, Group General Counsel of ADM Group to talk to us about Employment Law.   

Student Conference

This year's very successful conference, “Inspiring Women in Mathematics" supported by the UCL, Imperial College London and FMSP. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sharon Cromie, Julia Brown and her team for their work in organising the events and we are grateful to the students who have shared their experiences with us.

Development Plan

This year’s priorities are :

  • Develop Student Conferences
  • Focus on leadership
  • Internationalism and social enterprise
  • Strengthening networks

Links with the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools in America and the Girls School Association in the UK continue to be developed.

International connections

The joint Presidents continue to strengthen connections with school leaders overseas and have invited Dr Lisa Damour to speak about her book "Untangled" at the Royal Society of Arts in January 2017.  


Our thanks go to Maureen Martin who was awarded an OBE for her services to Education and who has served diligently as Treasurer again this year and to Kathy Hardy who has provided excellent administrative support throughout another year as Secretary.

Julian Dutnall & Sharon Cromie

Joint Presidents

October 2016